Known as “Voice of an Angel” for her ethereal, celestial soprano, Chagall Sierra is an Official TTC Subway Musician for 2018-2021, performing for commuters as a licensed busker in the subways of Toronto, Canada. She performs her enchanting covers and originals of romantic songs for events and charity fundraisers, often acapella or accompanied by singing bowl. Her music is mesmerizing. Her beautiful voice is frequently compared to Enya, Kate Bush, and to Celtic Woman.

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Chagall has been featured on Rogers TV and studied as part of Canada's Music Incubator. In addition to her live performances she is also a composer and songwriter with several projects underway.

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Spadina Trinity

Enchanting covers of Celtic, Classical, and Folk music. Duo or Trio for weddings, corporate events, and shindigs.


Meditative Music inspired by a childhood fantasy world. Eclectic soundtracks to the spirit. Live performance is rare.


Atmospheric rocktronica and dark ambient. Mystical, magical, spellbinding.